41 y/o male on ventilator with chronic respiratory failure, end stage renal disease on hemodialysis presents with sudden drop in BP after BP was corrected with fluids, he was found to have elevated cardiac markers he was found to have two very critical tandem stenosis in the left circumflex arteries ( see BEFORE picture) the patient received three stents with reopening of the vessel ( see AFTER picture) This entire procedure was performed via the right radial artery
68 y/o man presents with acute chest pain. He was rushed to cardiac Catheterization lab for urgent angiogram. Angiogram showed totally occluded Right coronary artery( see BEFORE picture). Dr. Nanavati then re-opened the artery (see AFTER STENT picture). The entire process took 58 minutes from the time the patient entered the Hospital emergency Room to the time the artery was reopened in the Catheterization lab.
55 y/o Silicon Valley CEO who was having increasing episodes of chest pain and fatigue. Stress test was abnormal so he was taken to cathetization lab which showed the severe 95% blockage in the LAD artery (see BEFORE picture). The AFTER picture shows the LAD artery after one stent was placed. He has been chest pain-free now for 3 years and counting.
The two pictures show before and after pictures of a coronary intervention done by Dr Nanavati. This patient presented with a acute heart attack(STEMI) In order to minimize the damage to the heart when an artery is blocked like this, the effected artery needs to be opened within 90 minutes. As can be seen in the before picture, the artery is completely blocked from the very beginning. In the “ after” picture(2) it can be seen that the entire artery is reopened within 58 minutes.
A 71 year old Filipina female presented because of occasional chest discomfort. She wanted to go to Philippines in the coming weeks and asked to be given clearance to fly. I ordered a stress test and because of a subtle abnormality, I gave the patient the option to have further noninvasive testing or go directly to catheterization lab for a diagnostic angiogram. The Diagnostic angiogram is shown in the BEFORE picture. The AFTER picture shows the three blocked vessels now fully open after stents were deployed in each vessel. She will have to remain on anti-platelet medication for at least one year. She can now safely travel.
57 y/o male who presented with stomach upset not resolving with Tums. Due to recurrent stomach symptoms next am and new dizziness, he presented to the Emergency Room. The finding is shown in BEFORE picture and the AFTER picture shows the results after a single drug-eluting stent. Patients symptoms resolved after the intervention and he went home 2 days later.