The multitude of websites just on health and the heart can be overwhelming. This website is dedicated to the people who have heart disease and their families. Originally designed in 1999 to help his patients in 500 square mile remote tristate area around Redding, CA with heart problems and answer their many varied questions, has been reaching heart patients globally.

Its uniques features are:

  1. It is dedicated to people who have heart disease and their families.
  2. The site is written, edited and updated by a Board Certified Cardiologist in active practice who sees cardiac patients daily.
  3. Very easy to access and navigate
  4. Printer friendly version available.
  5. Translations in Spanish, Polish and Hindi are soon to come.

People with heart disease often have questions about their heart. Often Medical Doctors are not immediately available without going to the Emergency Room. No doubt medical emergencies require only a 911 call. But what about questions that are not true emergencies but can be just as worrisome. To allay these fears and questions, this website can help.

Another objective of this website is to provide knowledge about heart conditions so the heart patient can ask the right questions to his/her Cardiologist. The goal of this web site is to arm the heart patient with information before going to the Doctor’s office.

Finally, and most important, this website serves to awaken knowledge about the heart and the causes and treatment of heart attacks. The ultimate hope of the author and its website is to bring awareness to public about the various conditions affecting the heart and how to prevent them.