I been taking my mom to Dr for 6 years ! 5 stars all the way ! We love you ♡

Stacie B.

My experience with Dr. Vimal Nanavati has been quite life changing, He is wonderful at explaining everything, relating to my condition and I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone. He is certainly one of the best cardiologist, very caring Doctor, he’s more than a surgeon and I considered him as family. Again Thank you so much for taking care of me and my mom since 2012 until now.

Christina D.

My motto is not to go to the doctor unless I really feel something is wrong. However, when I met Dr. Nanavati, I felt that he was qualified, professional and caring to the point that now I ONLY trust two doctors: my brother and Dr. Nanavati. He always listens to my questions and thoroughly reviews any data related to my health to provide the diagnosis and treatment that is best for me. He is not a run of the mill doctor that gives you 5 minutes because he needs to see more patients quickly. He devotes all the necessary time to cover your health issues and give you options. I would strongly recommend Dr. Nanavati to anyone who needs a highly effective and qualified CARDIOLOGIST.

Flor E.

Thank you, so much for your help with patient G.C. !
A special thanks to Dr. Nanavati for the second opinion and personal
Consult with the family. Your time and sincerity was very much appreciated.

Wendy Williams PA

I feel excellent. Sorry for the hard times I give you. This candy is the only candy I know
That is still made by hand. Hope your family enjoy it. Happy 2001

Marcia C.

Words cannot express our gratitude to you for your kindness to Charlie, you were always there when he needed help, for that we will always be grateful.

The Green Family

Thank you, very much for all you have done for my brother E.C.. You have
Changed quite a bit our lives by helping him see some light and given him hope to get his
Life going. I have never met a doctor who takes the time to help his patient and their family like you have done to us. And for that I’m very grateful.
God bless you and your family! Thank you so much again and take care.


I’m so grateful for your care of me during my most difficult time.
Again, Dr Nanavati
Thank you so much.


We went ocean fishing and caught a lot of fish. Then I tagged along with Jack and his brother on an elk hunt in Gunnisn, Colorado ( my first) and had great time. 3000 Acres and we conquered it all either by hiking or walking and at 10000 elevations at times! Was glad to get home in Overton and just fish and golf as we desire.

Betty and Jack

I was at the ER until I was discharged at the parking lot to begin the journey home.
Most of all I am forever grateful to you for your wisdom, skill and compassion.
You will always be my hero!

Joe B.

I am the baker from the Seattle area whose life you saved on November 26th
Right after Thanksgiving. Thanks to you I am well on the road to recovery. I can’t say
Enough about the wonderful caring treatment I received from all at Redding Medical Center from the moment I arrived to the Emergency room to when I was discharged.
Thank you for taking care of my Grandma and “Melinda”. You are a great person And very caring. Good Luck in your new practice-


Thank you so much for your care and attention,

Jamie and Judge Otis

Thank you for being a caring and thoughtful MD. Hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season.

Cindy and Family

Thank you for your wanting to help and kindness to our Mom E. C.
You are a very caring doctor.
Please stay that way. How is your family?

Family of Edna C.

The family of Jim S. wishes to extend their deepest gratitude to you.
Thank you for the concern and caring extended to us during Jim’s illness.
Also for the care Jim received while under your attention

Rhonda S.

Thank you very much. What more can we say?

Al and Mary J.

I’ve missed you all. I feel as though I would climb MT Everest. However, I’ll
Stay around Redding. I hope you are all well.
Thank you for helping me become well.
Thank you for your acts of kindness. J.R, really enjoys his computer. Being on the
Internet has opened up a whole new world for him.


You have given me such a gift of life,
There are no words to tell you of my thankfulness and love.

Helen A.

Thank you in the fullest measure for your exemplary cardiac care.

Michael S.

I just wanted to say thanks for all the help you have given us with our cardiac problems.
It was also so nice to see your wife and little boy.

Harry and Ellen K.

First of all, I would like to thank you for the excellent care you gave me while I was
In the hospital. I really appreciated your time and concern. And here are some pictures of our home in Trinity Center. There used to be a lumber mill here so the area is called Covington Mill. Before Trinity Dam, the town was Minersville, but now Minersville is now under the lake. We do not have many pictures of the front of the house, however.

It is gorgeous here at all seasons. We would very much like it if you and your family
Could visit us. The trip from Redding takes approximately 1 ½ hours over some winding roads.

John G.

You’ve made a heart condition a lot more enjoyable by always being pleasant
And showing interest in my well being. A very happy, healthy New Year to you
And your wife and two children.

Warren H. and Narrow L.

God bless you and yours. Thank you for all the caring you have showed to me.

Pat K.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful care you’ve give Robert. Have a great Christmas.

Robert and Judy H.

You will never know how much our family appreciated all of your attention and care of Our father, Paul West. We are so thankful that you came in in Sunday Night to do his stent, you were so kind.

Kathy T.

Thank you for your kindness and excellent care of our Dad, Paul West. We all are so

Linda W.

Thank you again for your kindness to my Father and my family. We couldn’t have asked
for better care.

Steve W.

Thank you for letting Rose come to Southern California. I’m from Oregon so we had a Very nice visit.

Her cousin Vivien

Thank you so much for allowing Rose to visit us in Southern California. She thinks the World of you, and would not have come without your approval! We’ve all 5 had a great time together. So thanks again- Thelma ( Isn’t she a gem!)

Thank you Heart Doctor for allowing “Big Sister” Rose to come south. We’ve tried to Keep her calm, and relaxed but she doesn’t always listen to her ‘Baby’ sister.

Laura S.

We are so happy to get to see Rose. Doesn’t she look great! Thanks for giving Rose a nice donation! We had a fun time.

Lavista S.

Aunt Rose was here and we are so glad you have seen her and been with her – thanks for letting her come! – Ketty Ceurcide, Roy, and Jennifer

You surely have a Big Heart to allow my sister, to visit us

Mary Jane

Many thanks for all your help. “Happy Holidays

Bette T.

Thank you for all the kindness you have shown to me.

Pat K.

We thank you for all your expert care this past year. Have a wonderful holiday!

Lloyd and Arlene R.

Dick and I just wanted to wish you a safe and happy holidays and most of all that you Are blessed. Besides a great Doctor, we think and know you are an awesome man.

Dick and Jeanne K.

You are a very kind and caring man. Thank you for being our friend and physician

John and Betty Griffin

And already I am missing you and wishing you and your family the best

Yvonne C.

Over the past few years you Have done so much for our family, your care, concern and thoughtfulness will not be Matched. The care you gave my husband has been outstanding and I thank you with all My heart. Thank you for sharing your family, the children are so cute. We wish you much happiness and prosperity. Redding is losing a very important Dr.

Ann and Dave M.

We’re indebted to you for all you’ve done for the love and your concern. We both wish You good luck at your new location and may the New Year bring you good health andHappiness to you and your family.


Thanks for Everything. Hope all goes well.

Warren H.

Thank you in the fullest measure for your exemplary care. You are the best!

Michael S.

But otherwise feeling pretty good. Again thank you for your caring concern and Thoughtfulness.

Annie A.

Jerry and I want to thank you for the wonderful care that you gave him when we were in
Arcata. It was scary to be far away from home during a serious illness, but you made us feel that he was getting the best care possible. He appreciated your medical skills, but
Most of all it was your caring consideration that helped us through the time. Jerry is
Doing well. Still adjusting his pro-times
Thank you for taking such good care of Jerry. We were lucky you were on call the Day he ended up at Mercy several years ago.

Pat S.

I really don’t want to be without a cardiologist again. Thank you again you are truly one Of a kind the people in San Diego are really lucky.

Dharm B.

I am really sorry to see you leave the Redding area. After losing Dr. Moon I was so
Excited that Dr Srvistiva recommended you to me last August. From the very moment
I met you I felt so secure and lucky to find such a wonderful doctor. You made me feel
Very positive about my condition and made my stress level drop running I had you
Looking after my health.
Congratulations and best wishes to all of you on the birth of your new son!


My husband and I and family would like to thank you for being a wonderful
Doctor and caring, we miss your kindness also. I’m doing well.
Thank you, kindly

We all wish you success and happiness at your new location

Mrs Margaret D.

Wishing you and your family a belated Happy New Year 2006. PS – Thank you for introducing this EECP therapy for me. I think it is
Working and I felt better already. Thanks again.

Marcelina P.

Through the grace of God and your superb treatment Russ is doing so much
Betterl. The EECP treatment worked well. A special thanks to Hemal for
Running the equipement as well as being there daily for us. To you and your
Family, a wonderful New Year also.

Russ and Angie M.

Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year 2007! Praying for you. Jesus is Lord and Saviour in his name.


Thanks so much for everything. You’re a great Doc. Like you don’t know that.
Have a very nice Holiday and a Great New Year!

Danny and Kathy S.

Thank you for being a caring doctor. May you and your lovely family have a great
Holiday season.

Russ and Angie

Thank you for being a caring doctor. Your assistants have been great., especially Hemal
Best wishes, always,

Russ and Angie M.

I am having a difficult time getting along without my loved one. After 50 years
The loneliness is difficult. It will be better in time. My family is very supportive.

You and Hemal are like family members also.- Thank you


hank you so much for all your great help and taking good care of me and my husband.
Since the last time I saw you I feel okay. The care you’ve given us was greatly
Appreciated. Thanks again for everything. Blessed Christmas and may your New Year
Be your best ever!

Happy Holidays – Frederico and Marcelina P

Thank you for caring

Russ and Angie M.

I am very grateful that you have taken time to help me. Thank you so much it means a lot to me and my family that I am well and healthy . You are making that possible.

Jose A.

Hope this finds you and your family safe this holiday season.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Tony & Lisa A. (Pts from Redding)

Thank you for inviting us to your open reception which took place in August of
This year. Which took place in August of this year. Unfortunately, due to previous
Obligations we were unable to attend.

We would also like to apologize for not writing to you sooner. We still remember
your humble compassion and , the excellent operation you performed on Tony’s Heart
When he needed the stents placed in his right coronary artery.

We are both in debt to you for your promptness and immaculate skill, you so generously
Gave to save Tony’s life.

We hope to hear from you soon – Sincerely

Anthony and Lisa A.

You were Russ’s favorite doctor always. Thank you for being a caring doctor.

Angie M.

This note is to thank you for giving me the advice to go to the Sharp Hospital.
You responded promptly on Saturday night. I was having a heart attack
So prompt care was needed. Sharp Hospital Staff was very prompt at surgery
Two days later.


We Seniors at the Fourth District Resource Center. (George Stevens Bldg, 570 S 65th St.) San Diego, CA 92114

We do so much appreciate you taking time from your busy schedule to speak to our Group about Heart Disease.. You brought us some most useful information. We do
Thank you very much..

Wilhomena C. and Love you, Mary Parks K.

I would like to thank you for everything you did for me, and everything you did to make
Possible for my surgery.
Thank you a thousand times for such generosity and the will to help other people that do not have the resources to pay for the services.
Thank you again and God bless you and all the people who find the time to donate their services.

Rosario A.

Thank you for your excellent treatment and care….. Again, thank you for all that you have done for me.


Thank you very much for going to Daly Academy Elementary School yesterday.
Your presence made the kids feel very special and important since you made time for them; to teach them. Thank you very much for your kindness! The kids learned from you.
Sincerely ,
Martha Sagrero RN,BSN,ICU Staff, and Daly Acadamy Staff
Thank you very much for being there to save Mora’s life. We appreciate you.
God Bless you and your family.

M. Family

Congratulations on your new office.We would like to express our appreciation for the
Fine care you gave us while we are undergoing treatment for our heart.
Thank you for the excellent care. Our health greatly improved cause of your efforts and
Generous attention to our needs. Will be sure to recommend you to friends in the future.

– Sincerely , The Prados

I got sick last 2006 and my doctor retired and I was referred to Dr Nanavati. I met him July of 2006 to consult my shortness of breath and heartburn. I was hesitant at first cause that was my time to see him. I said to myself who is this Dr Nanavati? When he came to the room I saw this young looking doctor who was very interested and was eager to talk to me. I told him whats wrong and he told me to come see me again the next day to give me a stress test. It happened so quick that the following week he scheduled me for heart catherization to check whats really wrong with me. That day after the procedure he found out that I had 95% block in my arteries. He explained that I have a
Blockage that needed an attention immediately. He admitted me at once and scheduled me for an open heart surgery. He arranged me at once and scheduled me for an open heart surgery. He arranged everything for me and was in Sharp Hospital that same day
Getting ready for the surgery. Had it not been for the expertise of Dr Nanavati, I would
Not be here in this world. From that time on I placed my trust to this doctor who takes care of my health . I had been on his care for three years and recently I undergo for another procedure cause he found some blockage in my arteries again. I constantly go
For routine checkup and just trust my life to him. From then on I’ll continue to see him
And be his patient all my life.

It means a lot to have a doctor who is as talented and as caring as you are. And the
Holidays are a good time to let you know how much you’re appreciated.

Mrs. Candida B.

We appreciate everything you did for us during Ed’s illness. He’s doing fine.
Thanks again.

Ed & Charlotte T.

To Dr Nanavati and staff , thank you for your tender care and concern.

Love Ed, Margo, Mary , Harry

This is where we fish its about 10miles from home. We are having perfect
Weather! Dr the trip was fine and I’m feeling great! Your patient

Betty N.

Thank you for your generosity in helping me get this exam done to help my health
I really appreciate your help. Thanks you so much my words don’t explain what I
really feel inside but Im really grateful for your help

Salvador S.

Frederico and I would like to wish you and your family the best of holidays and
Successful year 2011! Thanks so much for all the things you’ve done for me and my husband.

The Prado Family

Thank you so much for your loving care of Helen. A Special doctor for a special lady.
We are all grateful to you and to the hardworking staff here in CICU

For Family and Friends of Helen A.

Several years ago I was hospitalized for a catherization procedure. After the procedure
I was contacted by my cardiologist who advised me I had severe blockage, and nothing could be done. Needless to say my family and I were devastated.
We decided to get a second opinion and contacted Dr Nanavati at his office by phone.
The office was closed as it was after business hours, but Dr Nanavati answered the phone,

Dr Nanavati responded to the hospital, not my family, pulled a chair up to my bed, and
When told of my results of my catherization and cardiologist opinion , stated, “that’s not
True there is something we can do,” Dr Nanavati spent 30 minutes with me and my family, explaining about medications that could improve my condition. He also contacted
San Francisco University to set me up for a heart transplant if necessary after several visits to San Francisco my condition had improved so much due to the medications.
Dr Nanavati had prescribed I no longer qualified for the transplant.

Since that time I have been under Dr Nanavati’s care with positive results.
Dr Nanavati is a well-qualified , caring , accessible cardiologist.. His most important
Asset is he will listen to his patients.

Bruce N.

Just want to thank you for the check up on the spur of the moment. I know that
It was an extra effort and it was greatly appreciated.

We traveled to Redding in good weather there and back. Roads were in good shape all the way. If you and your wife come over to Arcata I want to extend an invitation to go to
Dinner with us, at the restaurant in Eureka , that serve dishes from India. You might just
Enjoy it. I saw Dr Lindsey yesterday , and she will work with me on this BP problem.

My patient is going to start day care 4days a week and I’ll get myself into volunteer work
Soon, Thanks again for your help.

Love , Harry& Ellen

Dayton and I would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the
Spiritual as well as physical healing you were so thoughtful to extend. We very much
Needed your help. Thanks so much. Good Luck! Keep up the great work and take care
Of yourself.-Keep jogging!

Sherry and Dayton G. Room #126

Thank you, for giving Roy T. the best medical attention that anyone could ask for .
Most of all forgiving us more time to spend with him.

Thank you, Doc for caring Derry & Patty T.

My wife and I recently spent the night in Redding while traveling to New Mexico. When I had my heart attack in the wee hours of the morning. Both of us were Anxious and frightened as the folks in the Emergency Room at Redding Medical Center did Their best to bring the situation under control. Then in walked a calm, authoritative, take –charge Guy,your own Dr Vimal Nanavati. Within minutes,Dr Nanavati had made his diagnosis, assembled A cath-lab crew, implanted a stent and had me laughing at his jokes. I’m sure a story like mine is repeated regularly and Mary and I hope you Redding residents Appreciate the fine facility you have at Redding Medical Center and the gem you have in Dr Nanavati.

Allard R J. – Shelton,WA

It was great

Ruth C.


Emma R.

Very good

Marilyn B.

Very attentive, helpful, and professional staff.

Ricardo B.

Dr N cares wholeheartedly about me and my cardiac health. He saved my Life! I am so grateful he is treating me. I am in good, able hands now.

Sandra K.

The doctor’s compassion and care is far in excess of anything I’ve experiencedThe doctor’s compassion and care is far in excess of anything I’ve experienced before I put my life in his hands and he did not disappoint thank you!

Jason K.

Dr Nanavati and His staff are always warm , friendly,caring but always professional.love them all !!

Roberta V.


Donald G.

Talked freely to dr nanavati about my heart problem

Candida B.

Dr Nanavati is very knowledgeable and professional. He took the time to listen and explain everything in detail. He is the best cardiologist I have ever met! I trust him 100%!

Richard E.