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Vimal Nanavati, MD

Cardiologist & Interventional Cardiologist serving National City, El Cajon, and East Lake, CA

Dr. Nanavati uses the most comprehensive array of diagnostic techniques and tools, including the Holter monitor, to diagnose heart problems in patients from the Chula Vista, Bonita, CA area.

Holter Monitor

What is a Holter monitor?

A Holter monitor is a portable device that a patient wears to monitor the heart's electrical activity over a period of time, usually 24 to 48 hours. The device itself is about the size of a pack of cards. The monitor works in the same way as the EKG you receive in the office, but for a much longer period of time. Holter monitors use electrodes attached to your body with a special adhesive to monitor the heart's activity and record it or send it directly to a monitoring station using a wireless cellular connection. They differ from event monitors because they provide a continuous reading rather than readings only while you're having a cardiac event.

When is a Holter monitor used?

Holter monitors are often used to diagnose an arrhythmia – a fast, slow or irregular heartbeat – or to monitor treatment in patients with known arrhythmias. Once the data have been collected, they can be used to determine if an irregularity is causing symptoms like dizziness, faintness or palpitations, or to assess the effectiveness of medications you may be taking for your heart.

How do I attach the monitor?

Dr. Nanavati or one of his trained technicians will be able to attach the monitor in the office and show you how it's worn. While wearing the monitor, you'll need to avoid getting it wet (no showers, hot tubs or swimming) and to stay away from metal detectors or high-voltage magnetic fields while the monitor is working. Most monitors can be clipped to a belt or carried in a pocket or pouch worn around the neck. You'll also be asked to keep a brief diary of your activities and any events, including the time when you notice any symptoms, so they can be mapped to the recording of your heart's electrical activity.

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